Blowing Smoke

SO I go to this ‘company’ meeting the other day where the ‘inspirational’ part of the meeting consists of a member of management talking about our experience.

Look around the room, we have years of combined experience and know-how to tap into…we must remember to use the resources that are already here!  That are already in this room!  Wow!  We really have it good!  Years of experience right here in our own company at our fingertips to use anytime we need to…!!!

Yesterday I hear that my bosses boss is talking about bringing someone in from the outside that we can consult on how to do our job more effectively (even though said person they will hire from the outside does not effectively fit, or know how our niche in this biz even works!).

I have been telling them for years how they could improve things in order to do them effectively (and those ideas are collecting dust somewhere or composting), but they don’t seem to take us serious until they start blowing smoke about how great we are and how important we are to them when they are ‘burning’ us out while trying to get the best results out of us without actually doing anything or spending any money.

Whew…And they wonder why I get an attitude and accuse them of not paying attention to their own people, THEY DON’T EVEN LISTEN OR PAY ATTENTION TO THEIR SELVES!

As much smoke as they blow I could start a BBQ Restaurant or be a Smoke Duck supplier to Asian eateries.  Slather down those ribs boys…another meeting is about to start!!!

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