Can you hear?

You:  Hello, my name is so-and-so and I need this-and-that.

Me:  I’m sorry, I can’t answer/acquire/approve (…etcetera) that.

You:  Oh, well I can’t seem to get someone who can, [this is the part where they proceed to give you the long version of why they need what they need] what do you think about that?

Me:  As I said, I can’t help you (Can you hear?)…I am not authorized for that.  And I wouldn’t want to say what I think about it, because that would not be my area to speculate in.

Why do people insist on telling you the long version of a problem you can’t solve for them even after you have told them you don’t have the right and/or the authority to help them in their endeavors…then later if they do cajole you into a speculated answer (after you have told them its only your opinion and not a permission) they try to use you as the scapegoat later when they get caught doing something without a proper confirmation from the appropriate people?

And then they get mad at you.

Thanks, I was happy minding my own business when your impatient ’emergency’ produced a hatred for me when I could not help you.  Yeah, sure…I can see how that would be my fault.

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