Child Psychology on Adults – Part 1

Remember a time when a child (maybe one of your own?) kept asking you why?

Adult:  Don’t touch that

Child:  Why?

Adult:  Because I said so

Child:  Why?

Adult:  Because it will hurt you

Child:  Why?

Adult:  Its dangerous

Child:  Why?


Child:  Why?

Adult: Argh…&*$%…

So now lets apply it to an adult doing something wrong or stupid and see how long it takes the other person to –

a)  Realize what they are doing really is wrong or stupid by the time they get down to the ‘core’ of the “Why?” game or …

b)  they become furious and angry which makes them lose all sense of intelligence temporarily anyway.

Adult 1:  Why do you drink so much

Adult 2:  It makes me feel good

Adult 1:  Why?

Adult 2:  I don’t know?

Adult 1:  Why?

Adult 2:  Geez, I guess cause it relaxes me

Adult 1:  Why?

Adult 2:  I suppose its got the properties of a drug to do that

Adult 1:  Why?


Adult 1: Why?


See where this leads?  Anger and frustration soon bring furry and dim the intelligence and/or the truth is revealed which is…the person actually knows that what they are doing is really not good for them.

Since when is a depressant a good way to relax and feel good?  Kind of a contradiction of terms.

BUT this is only an example, it can be used in almost any situation such as this.  See how long you can play the child’s “Why? Game” on some of your adult friends before they go crazy or reveal their own stupidity.

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